Make your own Eye Catching Christmas Displays

November 21st, 2009 - 

Having your own Christmas Decorations is wonderful, knowing that no-one else can copy your display, one way of ensuring a unique Christmas Display is to make your own decorations. I’ve recently found this guide that offers over 10 patterns for you to create and customize to fit perfectly with your theme and colours.

Everyone is now using ropelights, blow-up features, plastic models and icicle lights, with a little effort and money, you can have totally unique decorations, imagine that feeling of hearing people comment on them, knowing that you made them, quite a priceless feeling.

For the price of a commercially available product, you may be able to make a number of your own features, you may already have the equipment, paint and materials in your shed or garage right now.

The designs include Santas, Snowman, Reindeer, Santa and Sleigh, Angel and Candles, Christmas Tree and more.

Included with this guide is also other guides to:

  • Animate your Displays
  • Creating Lighting Effects
  • Pattern Enlargement

This guide must be seen if you are serious about creating a stunning Christmas Display, either for Home, School, Charity, Santa’s Grotto or a Larger Display.

Please follow this LINK for the guide, which opens in a new window.

Illuminated Glass Block Guide

November 19th, 2009 - 

I’ve just come across this guide on making your own illuminated glass block decorations. I’ve seen these products in several shops this season. The prices I’ve seen vary from around £10 each to £30 for a set of three differing sizes – now you can make them at a fraction of that, to your own design and colours.

The beauty of using this guide is that you can decide what colours, size and external decoration you prefer, allowing you to create a unique decoration the fits your needs perfectly.

The guide also covers making money from these illuminations, if you have the time and the wish to do so, you can make these and sell them, maybe even create to order.

The guide covers all the aspect of making this Stunning Christmas Decoration, including the lights to use and tips and tricks to get the bow and ribbon decoration just right.

Here are some pictures of what you can make with this guide:


The guide is available by visiting this
which opens in a new window